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Surveillance is art and a discipline that takes years to master. Our surveillance team has years of real world of experience working together. This real world experience is supplemented and continually developed through years of experience training military and government personal in the art of surveillance, counter surveillance, and surveillance detection. Therefore when you retain the services of The Intelligence Community, LLC you can be assured that you are hiring some of the best surveillance investigators in the country.

Even the most experience surveillance operative is not 100% successful all of the time. Why? There are many factors that go into it. While on surveillance, an Investigator must make decisions in split seconds, and makes hundreds if not thousands of them during the course of an investigation. Decisions like, how close or how far to follow a suspect without compromising the investigation, how is traffic affecting my ability to maintain surveillance, has the suspect, neighbor, or other bystander become suspicious, how to react to someone who might be suspicious of surveillance activity without compromising the investigation. Making these decisions, and the countless others that come up during a surveillance operation, and making them to the benefit of the investigation only comes with years of experience and training. It is important for clients to remember that just because a suspect is lost in traffic or an investigator terminates a surveillance, many time it is because it is in the best interest of the investigation and in an effort not to comprise the investigation or future investigative efforts.

The Investigators at The Intelligence Community, LLC utilize their experience, the most current tactics, techniques and equipment, including GPS Tracking and covert video recording, available to the industry which give us the highest probability of success for our clients.

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