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Surveillance Operations

Mr Goodenow has specialized in surveillance, counter surveillance and surveillance detection his entire career. Over his 20 plus year career he has extensive experience training government and military personnel in the craft of surveillance, counter surveillance, and surveillance detection. He has also conducted thousands of corporate, domestic, and insurance investigations, including corporate espionage, trade mark violation, hostile terminations, fraud, child custody, cheating spouses, and more. Mr. Goodenow is not only a lead Investigator he also the Chief Operating Officer & Founder of The Intelligence Community, LLC and is personally involved in and manages cases for our clients.

Due Diligence & Information Security

With over fifteen years of experience Providing Due Diligence Analysis and in the Information Security industry, Chip Morgan is an expert analyst and his analysis assist in providing clients with patterns and consequences of business transactions, technology developments and interactions in the Information Security industry. Mr. Morgan offers guidance to close information gaps, influence change, and create advantages and timely strategies. He provides our local and global clients with best-in-class information security policies, procedures, and risk mitigation strategies that strengthen and protect both business and technology infrastructures. Mr. Morgan also serves as an information security consultant and special topics advisor to U.S. military command support and U.S. Government officials regarding US-China/APAC industry relations. Mr. Morgan also serves as the Chief Information Officer for The Intelligence Community, LLC and personally manages cases for our clients.

Background Investigations

Mr. Ghigo has specialized in background investigations and interrogation for over 35 years as a licensed Private Investigator. He has conducted thousands of background investigations for the private, corporate, and government sector. Mr. Ghigo serves as the Director of Background Investigations for The Intelligence Community, LLC.

The Intelligence Community, LLC - Corporate Leadership


Graham Plaster is the President and CEO of The Intelligence Community, LLC, which operates the LinkedIn group "The Intelligence Community" with over 30,000 members and also, a networking and resource platform for the Intelligence and National Security Community.

Mr. Plaster is a former Navy Foreign Area Officer handling UN Peacekeeping operations in the Middle East and North Africa. Previously he served as a Naval Surface Warfare Officer and also as the Assistant Dean of Students at the Naval War College in Newport, Rhode Island.

His areas of expertise include social media's influence on democratization in Iran and the Middle East, and leveraging disruptive technology and social media for transnational discourse. His honors include a personal request to serve as Aide de Camp to the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, recognition as one of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy "Top 99 Leaders under 33", a Delphi Fellowship with, and a Malone Fellowship in Middle Eastern Studies.

He serves as Editor in Chief for the Foreign Area Officer Association Journal, International Affairs and is also on the board for the Cold War Museum and the editorial board for the Journal of Mediterranean and Balkan Intelligence. His book, "In the Shadow of Greatness", co-written with the Naval Academy class of 2002, has become a two time LA Times bestseller and has been added to the official reading list for the Chief of Naval Operations.


Kurt serves as the Director of Business Development for the Intelligence Community LLC, in addition to being Founder and President of Human Domain Solutions LLC.

Mr. Marisa retired from active duty in July 2012. His final assignment was as a Deputy Director in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. Colonel Marisa was a career intelligence officer and an Air Force Foreign Area Officer (FAO) and Regional Affairs Strategist since 1998. He served as Military Attaché to Saudi Arabia, Air Attaché to the Kingdom of Denmark and Greenland, and Defense Attaché to Suriname. Mr. Marisa has also had military intelligence assignments in Germany and Korea and deployments to Saudi Arabia and South America.

Colonel Marisa has an M.S. in International Studies from the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Hague, Netherlands, and an M.S. in Strategic Intelligence from the Joint Military Intelligence College (JMIC) (now National Intelligence University). He is a graduate of the Air War College, from which he wrote and published his course paper on the integration of Attaché and Security Assistance programs, contributing at the SECDEF level to the current DoD Senior Defense Officer (SDO)/DATT program.

Colonel Marisa has served on the FAO Association (FAOA) Board of Governors since 2004, as Vice President from October 2009 to May 2011, and as President from May 2011 to the present. He is a former Vice President for Intelligence Business Development in Salient Federal Solutions. He is a member of the National Language Service Corps (NLSC) and currently resides in the National Capital Area.

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