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The Intelligence Community, LLC's investigate network is the product of years of industry networking, comprised of vetted and trusted Investigators, Intelligence Professionals, companies and organizations who have a proven track record of success in their specific investigative discipline. All members of our network have been vetted through referrals and interviews to ensure their integrity and skill set. Because we take such measures, we can ensure that our client's cases are handled by specialist in the stated investigative requirement. We recruit only the best of the best from our network of over 40,000 Investigative, Intelligence Security professionals, companies and organizations which allows us access to the most highly trained and experienced specialist worldwide.

Members of The Intelligence Community, LLC investigative network are part of a unique, exclusive, and highly skilled network of specialized investigators, companies, and organizations. Member of our network do not pay to be a member. Membership is granted based on skill of their specialty, referrals, and integrity of their application. We limit membership so that our resources are not deluded in any one specialty or geographic location. All Members have access to our password protected member network. This allows our membership to access all resources available only to The Intelligence Community, LLC Investigative Network Membership.

* As a Member of The Intelligence Community, LLC Investigative network, you will have the confidence of knowing that when you are seeking an investigative partner you will be able to find a specialist who has been vetted to ensure professionalism and a skill set that is top tear.

* Member also will be able to display on their website The Intelligence Community, LLC Investigative network logo/Link. *Qualifying members will receive 50% discount to The Intelligence Community, LLCs exclusive networking site.
For more information please visit The Intelligence Community website.

If you are interested in joining The Intelligence Community, LLC investigative network, please email us at In order to be considered please include the name of the licensing agency, your agencies license number (if applicable), contact information to include address, phone, website, email, three professional references, and description of your investigative or risk mitigation specialty.


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