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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What should I look for when hiring a Private Investigator?

Investigative and risk mitigation service providers are much like attorneys and doctors. It takes years to achieve proficiency in their field and even longer to become a specialist at the top of their field. You would not hire a tax attorney to represent you criminally nor would you want a podiatrist treating your heart condition. To receive the highest return on your investment you need to hire a specialist to handle your investigative or risk mitigation requirement, not a "jack of all trades" investigative agency.

"A Jack of all trades is a master of none"

When retaining the services of The Intelligence Community, LLC you will have the confidence in knowing that your case will be managed with discretion and handled by an investigative professional that is top in the their respective investigative discipline and specializes in their craft no matter where in the world your case leads too. When hiring a Private Investigator you need to ask, why am I hiring a Private Investigator? Then when interviewing a potential Investigator ask them what their specialty is and what their background is.

What does The Intelligence Community LLC Investigative division specialize in?

We specialize in three investigative disciplines. Surveillance, Background Investigations and Due Diligence. Each of these investigative disciplines is a specialty of one of our Lead Investigators or Managing Partners.

What if my case requires a specialist in an investigative discipline that is not one
The Intelligence Community, LLC core disciplines?

Because we have a global network of vetted specialist, you can be assured that The Intelligence Community LLC Investigative and Risk Mitigation Division will leverage the highest level and most experienced Investigators to investigate every aspect of every case.

When I hire The Intelligence Community, LLC to take on my case what can I expect and how does it work?

First, we will conduct a free consultation to determine your objectives and the scope of work. We will then put together a strategic plan of action within an agreed budget to meet those objective. Once we have we have determined your investigative requirements and have put in place a plan of action to achieve your goals, we will put in place a contract that clearly states the objective, the resources that will be brought on to achieve that objective, and how those resources will be utilized to achieve that objective, all within the stated budget.

Once we have a signed contract in place we will bring every available resource at our disposal necessary to achieve the investigative objective. During the investigation you will be in constant contact with your case manager. We work closely with our clients during the course of the investigation, providing them in regular updates as to our progress to achieve the stated objective based on years of experience. We work under the premise that our clients play an integral and value added part in the investigation. At the conclusion of the case you will receive a written report documenting events and development of the case chronologically. You will also receive copies any evidence obtained during the course of the investigation.

Who will handle or manage my case?

Your case will be personally managed by a member of our Executive Leadership or one Lead Investigators. We take great pride in the personal service we provide our clients and never hand off case to be managed by subcontractors. While we do utilize subcontractors at times when an investigation calls for highly specialized skill sets, you will always have direct access to your case manager who has a vested interest in your case.

Will my case end up of the news?

The law in Arizona (ARS 32-2455), as well as most other states, requires that Private Investigators maintain the same discretion with our clients as you would expect from your doctor or your lawyer. We take it a step further in our contract with a clause that states "neither party (The Intelligence Community, LLC or it's client) will publish or offer for public view any evidence obtained during the course of the investigation."

What if my goes to court?

Our relationship with our clients does not end when the investigation is over. We are always available for questions or to testify in court. We are experienced witnesses and know how to work with your attorney.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary depending on client need. For instance, a simple background investigation can be relatively inexpensive. However, other types of investigative services are not. It is dependent on investigative specialty and man hours necessary to meet the investigative objective. This is why it is important for you to speak with and interview your Investigator, clearly establish objectives, a strategy to achieve that objective and a budget.

Why shouldn't I just conduct my own investigation?

Many people think that because they have an internet connection, a car and a video camera they can be their own Private Investigator. There a few problems with that. First, you are probably looking to achieve your objective quickly and with discretion. Second and probably most important, you can go to jail if you are not familiar with the laws. For instance, if you conduct your own surveillance, are not familiar with the laws and properly licensed you could, in some instances, be arrested for stalking. Third, Licensed Private investigators, especially those who have dedicated a career to a specific investigative discipline, know where and how to find information legally and efficiently.

How do I become a Private investigator?

The Licensing requirements vary from state to state. A simple Google search for licensing requirements in your state should take you to the licensing entities webpage where detailed information can be found. In Arizona, the basic qualification include you must first work for three years for a Licensed Private Investigator conducting actual investigations and then you must pass a background investigations conducted by the Department of Justice. It is important to remember that just because someone is licensed it does not mean that they are proficient at or specialize in your investigative requirement.

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